The Ombuds for the Graduate School helps members of the Graduate School community engage in and manage conflict in a constructive way. 

Acting as an advocate for fairness, the ombudsperson provides information about institutional policies and works to help individuals effectively navigate conflicts. The Ombuds intends to help the visitor develop a greater understanding of the university system and learn more productive ways to communicate the concerns related to the conflicts experienced. 

The office provides a safe place for visitors to be heard and engage in an informal conversation that will bring clarity to the strategies that will allow for a constructive path forward. The Ombuds provides an impartial perspective focused on identifying channels that allow all voices and perspectives involved in the conflicts to receive a fair chance to be heard.  

All conversations are kept confidential, unless the visitor grants the ombudsperson permission to discuss certain aspects of the conversation with specific people that may help the individual overcome the challenges related to the conflicts experienced.

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