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The Office of the Ombudsperson promotes a harmonious campus community by providing a comfortable resource to help manage and resolve concerns or conflicts that affect members of the Virginia Tech Graduate School community.  Comfort is established through an office that is independent, impartial, informal, and confidential.

Why should I visit the Ombuds Office?

The ombudsperson provides support and guidance when concerns or conflicts affect your experience at Virginia Tech.

You may consider visiting the Ombuds Office if you would like:

  • Someone to listen to your concerns and have a discussion about your concern that is confidential, impartial, and off the record.
  • Assistance working through an issue with a colleague or advisor.
  • Clarification concerning a Virginia Tech policy or if you believe a policy, procedure, or rule has been unfairly applied.
  • To explore the formal options available for addressing your concern.
  • To learn methods and strategies to resolve or deescalate conflict.
  • To informally discuss a situation where you may have been treated unfairly, harassed, or discriminated against.

What can you expect when you visit the Ombudsperson?

First, the Ombudsperson will listen to you.

Second, the Ombudsperson will work with you to determine what your interests and goals are.

Then, the Ombudsperson may:

  • Coordinate with the Graduate Academic Advising Office to explain a policy, procedure or resolve an issue
  • Help identify options and obtain information
  • Work directly with your Department to help resolve issues or concerns
  • Facilitate communication with other parties
  • Provide conflict resolution coaching
  • Provide mediation or facilitation services
  • Suggest negotiation strategies to resolve conflict and prevent disputes
  • Make referrals to campus resources such as Cook Counselling, Services for Students with Disabilities, Graduate Student Immigration Services or Student Legal Services