You can contact the Ombudsperson about any issue related to your experience as a member of the Graduate School community.

Contact the office if you:

  • Need someone to listen to you on a confidential basis
  • Need information about policies or procedures
  • Believe you have been treated unfairly and want to know what options are available
  • Are facing a difficult decision and are not sure what options are available
  • Want advice about strategies to resolve a conflict
  • Need an impartial perspective about your situation by a person with expertise in conflict resolution
  • Want help communicating with another individual or group of people
  • Want support resolving a conflict  by a facilitated meeting or mediation
  • Want to retain control over how your concern is handled

Arranging an Appointment

You can call, email or stop by. If you send an email, please do not include a detailed description of the issues as confidentiality cannot be guaranteed for email communication.

Call 540-231-9573


You can also stop by. See the receptionist in room 120 of the GLC.

A photo of Bryan Hanson, Ombudsperson for the Graduate School community.

Photo of Bryan Hanson

Bryan Hanson
(540) 231-9573