The following case studies contain views of various bullying situations from multiple sides with inquiry questions to guide reflection and/or discussion. 

Note: Academic bullying takes on many forms and just because the cases here may not match your experience does not necessarily mean that what you are experiencing is not academic bullying.

Faculty Bullies Student

Tough Love vs. Academic Bullying

Student Bullies Student

Student Witnesses Bullying

Faculty Bullies Faculty

Student Bullies Faculty

We encourage you to use these case studies to come to a deeper understanding of the complexities of academic bullying.

These questions can be used to guide discussion about academic bullying in your department, program, or group.  You may also freely use the following presentation that will lead a conversation on academic bullying as well.

Disrupting Academic Bullying Powerpoint Presentation

If you would like a more directed discussion about academic bullying, Bryan Hanson the Ombudsperson is available to meet with your group to present the material provided on this website. Contact him at or (540) 231-9573.